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jai guru deva om... nothing's gonna change my world..

i'm the king of pain

tragic poet
14 September
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i used to describe myself as simply "me".. nothing more, nothing less.. because i used to think that saying anything about one's self is a form of conceit.. but lately, i've realized that it's actually not.. in fact saying something about me is like sharing myself with other people, making them accept me and understand more.. in a way, it's a form of relief.. anyways.. me is just.. complicated actually.. plain and simple on the outside but complicated on the inside.. i have complicated moods, complicated wants, and has a fondness to desire complicated persons.. hard to please maybe.. but also, i'm a lover of many things.. a lot to say.. anyone interested to know more, just get on and ride with me.. who knows where i'll take you.. :) nobody knows, not even me.. for i just go where the wind blows.. ahehehehe :))